Oral surgery deals with diagnosis and treatment of diseases, injuries and defects around orofacial region. It has evolved and adapted newer techniques to refine and achieve precision with minimal invasion. There are multiple conditions, which might require oral surgery. Whether you are suffering from impacted teeth or tooth loss, cysts or tumours, oral surgery is the way out. It can also be used for removing lesion and biopsy. Even if you need treatment on snoring or sleep apnea, oral surgery is one of the way out. Temporomandibular joint defects and disorders also come under the purview of oral surgery.

At Elite Clinic, we have an experienced and professional team of oral surgeons and maxillofacial prosthetists offering you complete treatment and even rehabilitation. We will first judge the condition of patient before offering best oral surgical treatments. If you want experienced surgeons to help you with oral surgery, call us at Elite Clinic.


Tooth Extractions


Maxillofacial Fractures


Cyst Removal/Mucocoele